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We are able to adapt to our offer to various requirements and needs.

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Production processes outsourcing

Outsourcing of production processes is one of the items found in the wide range of business services provided by EVER.

In the service’ scheme we offer, the production line and other means of production as well as personnel are provided by us, while the customer provides the components from which the finished products are assembled.

Currently, such a service model is provided by us for one of the most important brand in ​​consumer electronics bussines.

Of course, other solutions are also possible, where the production line is the property of the customer. We are able to match our offer to different requirements and needs.

The scope of our services:

  • own means of production (production lines, tools)
  • trained line and supervisory staff
  • assembly of finished goods from the supplied components
  • full responsibility for the final product

Wybierając usługę Outsourcingu Produkcji Klient zyskuje:

  • higher flexibility in terms of production volume (better adaptation to market needs)
  • no investment costs for the production line and staff
  • no costs of commissioning, maintenance and downtime of production means
  • trained personnel ensuring high quality of production
  • opportunity to invest capital in other areas of activity

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